New Elementary School

New Elementary School by Luke Lukose

Due to the deterioration of the Center School, a new elementary school will open during the 2018-2019 school year which will integrate pre-school, kindergarten and first grade.

Last year, a special town meeting was held to discuss the construction of a new elementary school. On Nov.9, 2015, a election was held where majority vote at about 73 percent passed through to build the new elementary school.

The budget for the school is $45,629, 373, including all expenditures completed for the feasibility for the property.
According to the Hopkinton Public School website, the new school should ease congestion. Based on the location on Hayden Rowe Street, cars and school buses should have the right amount of space to pass through on school property.

Hayden Rowe Street was also chosen because of the potential of future growth and safety considerations.

According to the Hopkinton School Project website, the school is projected to be out earlier during the 2018-2019 school year.  The school does address main issues in the community like parking and even opening up more biking and walking trails.

Center School Principal, Lauren Dubeau is very excited about the new school.

This school is much more than a building to us. It is an opportunity to enhance our approach to teaching and learning, an opportunity to do what we seek to do without constraint” Dubeau said. For families, this means the ability to be welcomed into the Hopkinton Public Schools in a manner that you should be welcomed, space for parent presentations, registration, trainings, meetings, the list is extensive.”

Dubeau also thanked the Elementary School Building Committee for working closely with local officials and boards for moving this project forward.

Other administrators of Hopkinton Public Schools are also happy of this new project.

Hopkinton High School vice principal Mr. Hanna, said this new investment is a great idea.

“The old Center school is getting outdated and we need to move on from it. The new school is a great investment and will hopefully continue the success of our Hopkinton Public Schools,” Hanna said.