Powder Puff Game

By Sarah Glidden

The seniors won the annual Powder Puff Game 14-12 on Nov. 18, becoming the first team to win back-to-back titles.

Powder Puff has always attracted a large crowd, and this year was no different. The stands were filled with students, friends, teachers, and family.

“It’s remarkable in how this truly becomes one of the most competitive events of the school year,” said Bruce Elliott, one of the senior coaches. “This is one of the most unique aspects of the game and what makes it special.”

The game started off with a bang when the seniors scored a touchdown on their first offensive drive, setting the tone of the game.

“Unfortunately, we did give up a touchdown right in the beginning but then not again until the last five minutes of the first half. I think it would have been easy to fold after the first score especially against seniors, who won last year,” junior coach Brian Prescott said.

This didn’t discourage the juniors. If anything, it motivated them to work harder and come back stronger.

Junior quarterback Caitlyn Halloran scored the juniors’ first touchdown, putting the score at 7-6 after the first half.

“Many of the players were really excited because they had never been under the lights and that brought a lot of nerves. But once the game started, the girls hit their stride and got confident on the field,” said Prescott. “A great example would be Sarah Todd’s interception in the second half.”

In addition to the interception, the juniors scored a second touchdown, putting them ahead 12-7. However, in the last few minutes, Taylor Velazquez scored another touchdown for the seniors, leading them to victory over the juniors.

“I was really happy with my team’s level of sportsmanship. They were really positive even though we lost,” said Prescott. “ Thank you to the senior coaches for creating such a great atmosphere and the senior girls for being great competition and they should be proud for winning back-to-back titles.”

Elliott also said “Kudos to the junior girls for playing at such a high level and showing great class.”