Maria Parfenova — Holiday Gift Guide

By Maria Parfenova

Christmas is tough. Every year, people rush to find presents for their friends and family, but run into a common problem: what to buy without spending a ridiculous amount of money. In this guide, learn how to spend less and still come up with a quality gift for your loved ones.


Although pricey, Fitbits are your best friend if you want to keep track of how physically active you’re being.

Science Toys

Bring the childhood out of your desired recipient by considering some scientific toys, appropriate for teens to adults. Magnetic putty and Gallium are some ideas. Gallium is an element that has a melting point slightly above room temperature (it melts in the palm of a hand), and magnetic putty is putty that can be manipulated using a basic magnet.

Clothing and Accessories

This is something any girl would be glad to receive, and instead of spending hours at stores looking for the right pieces, websites like or offer a wide selection for people of all ages.

Emoji Pillows

Now that everyone’s using smartphones, it’s safe to say we’re familiar with emojis. At the shopping mall, you may have seen kiosks that contain a variety of these in pillow form.

Used Video Games

You can pretty much find any video game that is being recycled. They are just as functional as the new ones, but with a reduced price tag. Also, they can be purchased online or at any video game store.

Travel Souvenirs

Traveling for the holidays and don’t have enough time to go shopping? Pick up a souvenir! It can even be something small and your recipient will still appreciate the thought.

Emergency Kits

These novelties are found at plenty of stores around the city, but people usually don’t think to buy them even though they may come in handy someday. You can’t go wrong with this gift. You’ll find yourself being thanked when the kit is put to use.

Friendship Items (Necklaces, Bracelets, etc.)

If you have a friend that’s fairly new, and you’re still struggling to figure out what they like, chances are you won’t go wrong with a friendship necklace or bracelet. It’s a simple way to show them that you appreciate them.

Unisex Jewelry

Jewelry can make someone look fancy and put together, but it doesn’t just have to be for women. Watches or metal bangles may also be suitable for men.