New and Improved Library

By Sarah Glidden

Green couches, more tables, and even TVs are all new additions to the library. The library was re-designed last year and was all ready for the start of the 2016-2017 school year.

Kristen Fournier, one of the librarians, said “the old library was kinda dark and really didn’t make the best use of resources the library has to offer.”   

Everything that was changed during the redesign was done with the students in mind, supplying the students with the materials and space they need.

Fournier went on to say “ It just wasn’t a good layout that had no collaborative space.”

Collaborative seems to be the key word when it comes to the redesign.  The new library set up encourages more collaboration and working together while still having quiet sections for students that need to focus and get work done.

Changes that were made to the library include a small section, right at the entrance of the library with new chairs and couches to relax or work together on a project.

When you move farther in there are still the old tables and work space for getting work done. However to the left the whole space has been re-designed.

“We got new furniture and moved the circulation desk right in the middle… there has also been an insulation of two apple tv’s to help provide more collaborative learning,” said Fournier.

Fournier went on to explain “the different types of seating were brought in to try and inspire more productive learning.”

However the furniture wasn’t the only change to the library. Fournier said “We got rid of half the collection of books that were outdated and not used.”

In addition, “Makerspace was moved out of the back room onto the main floor,” said Fournier. The makerspace is a newer addition to the library which is a space for any interested students to invent and create. In fact, the library got a 3-D printer that has been a big hit in the program.