Blameless Video Game Review

Blameless is a free to play indie, puzzle, horror game.
The developers of the game describe it as, “set in an unfinished house, the player is trying to escape a mysterious man. While you know how and why you got there, you could not foresee you were invited for a twisted purpose and it’s up to you to investigate what happened and how to get out.”
The game starts out with you being put into a room that looks to be of a house that was mid construction and just mysteriously stopped. You have to use the resources in the room to escape it.
At first I found it a little confusing on what to do, the game doesn’t give you any real hints on how to get out of the room, it just leaves you to wander about aimlessly and hope you can figure it out.
Once you get out of the first room the game gets much easier to find figure out the puzzles and the game does a great job of keeping the uneasy atmosphere consistent, there are no real jump scares but tensions stay high with little frightening actions here and there.
The game takes roughly 20-60 minutes to complete and that’s as long as it was developed to last, once you escape the abandoned buildings you are given a cutscene and left to wonder as the player what actually happened.
I would rate this game 3.5/5, it’s a simple horror game and it delivers what it was supposed to. It’s not the most horrifying thing ever and it’s great for people who want to start out in the horror genre of gaming.