Nans Kitchen and Market on Route 9 in Southborough offers a quick option for nutritious food.
Nan’s Kitchen and Market on Route 9 in Southborough offers a quick option for nutritious food.
Nina Brookes

New, Fresh, and Fast Food: Nan’s Kitchen and Market

Nan’s Kitchen and Market in Southboro is a hot, new food stop to add to your list.

Nan’s Kitchen and Market has recently replaced the Wendy’s Drive-Thru on Route 9 in Southboro. The restaurant, which is not much of a restaurant at all, provides an over-the-counter experience, but with wholesome, fresh food and nutritious ingredients.

Entering the restaurant, you’re immediately invited in by the rustic decor and soft lighting. It is the kind of place you can sit down with a book or have a peaceful conversation with friends. The restaurant’s market style means the seating is smaller than that compared to other “fast food” restaurants, but it fits its grab-and-go service, similar to a deli.

As for food selection and prices, Nan’s sets itself apart from typical quick-bite restaurants. Nan’s menu consists of 8-plus sandwich choices, various “bowl” add-ins with five different protein options, and endless vegetable-based sides. There is also a selection of smoothies, coffees, and hot and cold teas.

You can definitely find a favorite dish here, as well as avoiding the same meal repeatedly.

Pricing is similar to more frequented grab-and-go restaurants like Panera and Chipotle. The bowls are all around $15 and sandwiches are $10 or less. Serving sizes are also similar, if not slightly larger.

On taste, Nan’s is a hit.

Inside Nan’s is a grand selection of wines, prepared meals, and other locally sourced goods, as well as a few seating options all underneath relaxing lighting. (Nina Brookes)

One of Nan’s specialty dishes is fried chicken. The chicken does require a two-hour order ahead of time – but for good reason. The seasoning of the chicken is sweet to complement the tenderness of the chicken but with just enough saltiness to assist the crunch. This careful seasoning and flavor is carried through all their dishes.

In my recent stop at Nan’s, I ordered the Spicy Chicken Wrap with a side of Beaninoa. The wrap deserved its name, as I was reaching for water in between bites. Aside from giving a satisfying crunch to the wrap, the kale was a major player in the spice flavor, as it was pre-tossed with the dressing. The Beaninoa was also comprised of mix-matching flavors and textures from the soft butternut squash, to the tangy pomegranate seeds, and crunchy kale.

Whether the mixing of flavors is expected because of the dish’s name, like Turkey Melt w/ Apples, or if it’s not deliberately advertised, be prepared for a flavor burst of various ingredients.

From catering to drive-thru pickup to offering pre-order Thanksgiving meals, Nan’s does it all, while never sacrificing the quality and selection of the reasonably priced food.

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