Ballot Question #2–Charter Schools


Map of the current number of charter school in each distric of MA:

Fast – Facts

What: Question 2 proposes that the state lift the cap on charter schools, potentially allowing up to twelve additional charter schools to open each year

Yes: Votes supports this proposal to authorize up to 12 new charter schools or enrollment expansions in existing charter schools per year

No: Votes opposes this proposal to authorize up to 12 new charter schools or enrollment expansions in existing charter schools, thereby maintaining the current charter school cap

When: The proposed law would take effect on January 1, 2017



Suppoter’s Argument

  • Offer flexible and specialty education
    • They can use their own ways of teaching that some students can connect to better. They can cater to smaller groups of people and get them to connect and understand better.
  • Smaller class sizes
    • They can provide an intimate setting giving the students much more one-on-one time with teachers.
  • Distance learning opportunities
    • Students can complete some or all of their education from home benefiting students who don’t do well in a classroom setting.

Detractor’s Argument 

  • Can cause a loss of funds for public schools
    • The schools are funded based on enrollment so, when more people enroll the money is taken from public schools and some small districts are even proliferated
  • Create unfair advantages and privileges
    • The schools tend to target a specific group. They don’t provide transportation which can eliminate low-income families. There is also rarely any special- education programs.
  • Less local control and input
    • The boards are run by private organizations so parents have little say in the faculty and other matter that they can influence in public schools.



  • Gov. Charlie Baker
  • Sen. Michael Rodrigues
  • Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation
  • Democrats for Education Reform
  • Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance


  • U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren
  • Barbara Madeloni, President of the Massachusetts Teachers Association
  • Burlington Educators’ Association
  • Hudson, Boston, Dennis-Yarmouth, and Sudbury Democratic School Committee


Opinion Poll

When asked which of the 4 ballot questions was most important

~ 52 people (14.4%) found it most important

~ 87 people (24.2%) found it 2nd most important

~ 96 people (26.7%) found it 3rd most important

~66 people (18.3%) found it 4th most important

~59 people (16.4%) found it least important

When asked if they could vote, would they vote for or against question 2

~ 133 people (36.9%) would vote against question 2

~ 107 people (29.7%) would vote in favor of question 2

~ 120 people (33.3%) were undecided about the topic