Humans of HHS

Paul Lawson

“This particular program is run by the UMass Hospital injury prevention unit. It’s actually funded by a branch of Allstate Insurance. The primary focus is to cut down on injuries and deaths relating from driving incidents as well as distracted driving. The key focus for distracted can be many things, but one of the biggest problems is cell phones and texting while driving. These are computer simulators that actually run students through the program and
let them know what the implications are when they make a bad choice. It runs them through, and the actual program of driving impaired, which focuses on DUI or being under the influence of something, where your driving skills are impaired, and you ultimately end up either in a crash or getting stopped. It brings you through the whole process from a field sobriety test right through the courts, actually up to a job interview. So it shows you that a bad decision early on can relate to ten years down the road.”


Davin Evans

“All the little machines in my house are Roger’s business. My grandfather invented the moisture detector, and he sells them to big brands. They make sure that stuff has perfect moisture in it, like tobacco and plates and stuff. He has a big business. It’s worldwide; he’s been to many countries because of the business. He has a lot of employees, not at my house, in Florida.”



“We come in at different times and everybody has their jobs to do. I think we serve probably hundreds of kids a day, I’m assuming. I know myself just making wraps; I make probably 50 to 60 a day, and then everybody else has their own thing to do. We’re kind of like a well oiled machine. I think we all work around each other. I’ve worked here for seven years, I left for four, and I’ve been back for three, so I’ve seen a lot of kids go through here. I think I knew more of the older kids that have already graduated because my kids were here, so I knew all of their friends from the time they were little, and now what’s left is just a couple of siblings and just people that I’ve known. Now I see them at bars and I’m like, ‘you’re not old enough to be here.’”


Himanshu Menocha

“My parents were from India, and I went there to visit a few years ago. I went to Mumbai, It’s very hot. You get to see the culture there, which is very different. Like, people will ask adults how much they make, just out of nowhere when you meet them. It’s almost a game of one upping.”


Evan Starbard

“I guess people wonder why I’m growing my hair out. I’m going to be completely honest with you, and I’m not lying. I just do not give a ****. Longer hair seemed interesting to me. It kind of just happened over the summer for some reason. I didn’t really do much over the summer. I just went to the beach a lot.”


Jake Weinstock

“I actually don’t like chocolate, and I guess that’s unique, so why don’t I talk about that. Really I never have. A long time ago people actually used to make fun of me for it, like when I was in elementary school. I don’t really have to deal with that anymore, especially now that I’m in high school, and nobody cares now. I guess generally people just don’t understand it and think it’s weird.”