Fab Lab News Article

By Ben Faletra
The new Fab Lab class has entered HHS and it’s a combo of engineering, art, and design, and the students in class work with their hands and make blueprints before moving to fully building structures.
When the class started off, the students had already drawn pictures of various different structures that had the same theme of being moved by air or some kind of wind current.
Declan Curry had drawn a roof turbine vent, or as he called it,“Those spinning things you see on roofs.”
Christine Enos paired off her students and made them critique each other on what they had drawn. The students had to Critique each other on how they could make their drawings look more realistic or how it could better represent what they were trying to draw.
A few minutes went by and Enos decided to bring everyone to the center of the class for a demonstration. She shows them how to do continue their project by cutting circles out and impaling them in a certain way so that they can accomplish what the project is.
People when asked “Would you say this is a fun class” Declan Curry said, “Depends on what we’re doin’. If it’s designing. No. If it’s building. Yes.”
Jade Poovakad when asked this question said, “Yes and no,” and left it at that.