Ethos Water at Starbucks


By Rita Carroll
If you have ever been to a Starbucks you have probably seen Ethos Water, the uniquely shaped bottle brings you 700 mL of reasonably priced spring water but also helps make a difference for children around the world. With every purchase of Ethos Water a portion of the price goes towards helping to bring clean water to children around the world and raising awareness of the World Water Crisis.

The now famous brand began in 2001 when founders Peter Thum and Jonathan Greenblatt wanted a way to help solve the water shortage in the world. In 2005 they joined the Starbucks family and committed themselves to empowering people everywhere to take part and make a difference with every purchase.” I love water and I have always wanted to help children and now there is a way for me to do that. I love Ethos water,” said HHS student environmentalist, Evan Katz.

To date Ethos Water has several projects around the world. Places such as Honduras, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, India, and Indonesia.  With over $6.2 million in grants Ethos Water hopes to reach $10 million by 2010.