Health Care Reform: Unpacked and Exposed


By Joss Whittle
The political sandstorm of the last two years is finally at its climax. With any luck, and a continued majority vote in the senate, the Democrat Party will be able to pass their controversial Health Care Reform bill before the Easter Recess in a few weeks.In its current form, the proposed bill would create a government run, government funded healthcare option. This coverage would allow millions of people to receive health care for the first time in their lives, and for thousands of small businesses to provide adequate health care to their employees.

Although, not everyone is so inclined to believe this. Since its official proposition in late 2008, Republican politicians across the country have been arguing against it. Universal Health Care runs opposite to their core beliefs that the government should stay out of the people’s private lives, and should not interfere with private enterprise.

In response to claims that Health Care Reform is not possible in the United States, President Barack Obama spoke out in his most recent Weekly Address saying, “I don’t accept that future for the United States of America… we are not finished with our journey just yet”.

Obama, who has been at the forefront of the issue, shocked Republican Politicians when he offered to let them contribute towards the bill; saying, “I’m willing to incorporate some ideas offered by Republicans…”

The proposed system would be funded and paid for by tax money collected from the populous. Even if the person does not use the system, they still pay for it. Everyone in the country will have a right to health care. However, they can still choose to stick with a private provider if they wish.

Since early 2008, Obama has been trying to push the country forwards into an age of universal health care. An issue which has taken over his Presidency, and has been referred to as what will become his legacy.