Hopkinton’s Logan Delponte Has Committed


Braden Hicks, Staff Reporter

Hopkinton junior attackman Logan Delponte is heading to New York to play lacrosse for St. Bonaventure. 

Before his junior year, the two-time captain announced he will be playing for the Bonnies. Delponte tallied over 300 points for the Hillers and his AAU team, Laxachusettes throughout 3 seasons. 

“St. Bonnies is perfect for me lacrosse-wise and academic-wise,” Delponte said. “The school will challenge me both on and off the field.”

Delponte added he wants to go down the business or sports medicine path. During the Fall season of this year, Delponte took part in an internship with Hopkinton High School’s Athletic Trainer, Amanda Magier.

“Logan put a lot of effort and care into everything he did in here. If he decides to pursue sports medicine in the future I think it will fit him very well.” Magier said. 

Delponte speaks very highly of his coaches. Head coach Randy Mearns is also the Canadian National Lacrosse team coach.

“He pours his passion for lacrosse into this team and organization and dreams of a national championship, and the assistant coach is one of my favorite people,” Delponte said. “They have dreams and the biggest goals out of all coaches I talked to. They also had the most players go pro and get drafted to live out their dreams.”

Delponte will be playing alongside his brother, Reilly, who graduated from Hopkinton in 2021. Reilly played with Logan while he was a senior while Logan was just a sophomore. Both of them shared the field and had that “brotherly connection,” teammate and captain Luke Beaudet said. 

“I’m happy for the kid, nobody deserves it more. Even from a young age, he’s been something special. Everyone knew he’d be great.” Beaudet said. 

Delponte has already started making connections with future teammates. One senior from Florida who just committed to St. Bonnies has been texting Delponte about how excited he is to play at the school with him and see what the future holds for the both of them, but for now, his main priority is his upcoming season.

“I’m so excited for the season to start. I cannot wait. My goal right now is to keep getting better and help Hopkinton win as many games as possible.” I’m not worried about college just yet. I want to win the TVL and make a deep playoff run this year.” Delponte said.