K-Club Prepares for More Performances


Last year’s K-Club showcase performers.

The new school year has provided students with many new and returning club options for students. One popular club is K-club or the K-pop club which provides students with an opportunity to practice and perfect K-pop dance routines and socialize with people who share their love for K-pop.

The club is run by its founders Grace Losada and Natalie Bouffard who created the club in their Freshman year with the help of club advisor Mr. Frey.

“In eighth grade, me and six of my friends performed a K-pop dance in the middle school talent show, and because of that we decided it would be fun to continue performing,” President of the club Grace Losada said.

The club provides a place for its 34 members to listen to K-pop songs with others and rehearse and perform dances.

“Videotaping the rehearsals and watching them back to see how much progress has been made is really rewarding,” Natalie Bouffard said.

Last year, all of the hard work of rehearsals and dance practices came together in a multi-school dance showcase. The showcase provided a space to show off all of what the club had practiced over the year.

Grace Losada holding a picture of last year's Showcase
Club president Grace Losada holds picture of the K-Club at last year’s showcase. The showcase, held in June, included the performances of several schools. “It went really well we had a pretty good audience and it was really fun” said Grace Losada.

“It was really really great to see all the other towns come and everyone loved it and it was really just overall successful and ran smoothly, “ Bouffard said.

The club had to organize and plan what went into the whole event as well as their own personal performances without a lot of guidance from the school.

“I think that they probably had upwards of a couple of hundred people that were here,” Mr. Frey the club advisor said. “They had to work with our administration to find someone who could do the audio portion playing the music and whatnot and even a little bit of lighting.

With the success of last year’s showcase, the club is planning a larger showcase for this year.

“We’ve reached out to more clubs because he had more time to think about it, said Bouffard. “Other clubs heard about the showcase also through youtube and other clubs, so it’s going to be even bigger which is exciting.”

The upcoming showcase is scheduled to be sometime in June of next year. The club is also planning a dance for the upcoming pep rally. The dance called “No Rules” is going to be performed solely by the officers and was a hit at last year’s showcase.