Neil Abraham, Coding as Philanthropy


Neil Abraham, senior at Hopkinton High School, with an affinity for coding and other STEM projects.

Fresh off from his summer internship developing software to help patients in need, senior Neil Abraham uses his job experience and focuses on his future.

Abraham coded a Spanish feature for Constant Therapy, a budding software company. This past summer, he had the opportunity to help patients with mental therapy and brain training. Treating it as a chance to grow, Abraham looks to take his newfound skills into future projects.

Abraham aided Constant Therapy in the development of its online application.

“It’s essentially brain training software and mental therapy to restore brain function,” Abraham said.

The Constant Therapy app gives patients a variety of tasks to complete and tracks their progress with machine learning.

Abraham was tasked with coding a new feature to allow Spanish as one of the language options.

“I took the existing code and changed it up. Basically, I created a new algorithm for how it generates combinations. I also scaled it so that you can just keep adding different currencies and images into the database,” Abraham recalled.

“[Now] it can generate new, [and] different combinations of different pictures of a bunch of different currencies, so then it works within the task.”

After his summer coding project, the experience was something Abraham said he gained from his work. Since it was his first time working for this company, it was a brand-new experience.

 Neil Abraham, sitting at his laptop, assessing code.

“I think, in the beginning, I was definitely very nervous and it seemed like a very complex thing. I was a bit out of my depth, but when there’s a lot of people around to help you and explain things to you, it becomes a lot more simple,” Abraham said.

Learning from others and taking feedback was vital to Abraham’s success.

Abraham explained, “basically, I was attending a lot of meetings within the company . . . and with my boss, a lot of his goals for me was teaching me stuff as I went. So even outside of the project, I learned a lot of stuff with back-end type coding.”

Coding and other STEM projects are something Abraham has emphasized participating in throughout high school.

“I’m interested in technology . . . engineering . . . a lot of quantitative math, finance—[that] type of stuff,” Abraham said. “I just like that you can use technical and very complex things, like math or science, to then solve very real world or very abstract problems.”

Neil has competed in BPA (Business Professionals of America), Robotics, and the Massachusetts Science and Engineering Fair (MSEF) in each of his high school years.

His favorite project in MSEF was modifying wind turbines to place them in the city. “So we were trying to find a way to shrink down and change up the design of wind turbines so that you could put them all over a city,” Abraham said.

He placed very well in Robotics and BPA, going to Texas for Worlds and Nationals in each of his respective events.

Abraham is happy with what he’s been able to accomplish during high school but he is still looking forward to what’s coming next.

“I definitely want to keep pursuing computer science in college and probably after, but I think I want to do it in combination with something else like finance or maybe data science,” Abraham said.

Ultimately, the chance to help others was one of the main reasons he took the opportunity at Constant Therapy.

“It’s technology within the app itself and then philanthropy basically. At the end of the day, it’s meant for people—so that was a big draw” Abraham said.