HHS’ Most Recent Binge Watch


Megan Joyce, Staff Reporter

Binging television series has been a trend since streaming services gained popularity. With a new wave of popular television series, here are some current picks from students and staff on their most recent binge-watch.

The most recent show that I binge-watched was “Grand Army” on Netflix. I found it on my Netflix recommended page, and I decided to keep watching it because I felt this show dealt with some really significant social issues.

It touched on things like racism, sexual assault, and even terrorism. The show revolves around the lives of various teenagers in New York City and their experience dealing with high school and their social lives.

I think that the incorporation of those social issues as well as the overall compelling nature of the storyline and following the different student’s struggles was really compelling and that’s why I definitely kept watching it.

The most recent series that I binge-watched was “Naruto” because I thought it was a very interesting and action-filled show and it actually took me about two summers to finish. So I did it last summer and this summer.

I found out about “Naruto” through my cousin who is also very much into this show and ever since then I was really into it and I really wanted to keep watching it because of how suspenseful and how much action there was in it. I kept watching because it was such a long show, and I thought once I started it I had to finish it.

It was just a very good show and there were a lot of sentimental moments and emotional moments that made you get attached to certain plots and characters.

The most recent series that I binge-watched was “Squid Games.” I just haven’t watched much on Netflix or streaming services. When I saw that it was a new thing, I decided to watch it.

I kept watching because it was super suspenseful, you needed to know who would win. I don’t want to spoil anything. I just wanted to know how the game would end up and what would happen after someone did win.

I found out about it through social media like TikTok. Because I think there were little clips that I found and I was just super confused about what it was about because it was in Korean and i didn’t understand it and I just wanted to watch it because I thought it would be interesting.

The most recent series I binged on Netflix was the series “You” because they just came out with a season 3 and I decided to just start from season 1 and watch all 3 seasons in a week.

I found out about the show from my friends because they’re all really into it. It’s kind of like a thriller and I’m really into thrilling movies so I decided to watch it.

I decided to keep watching it because each ending of the show ends with cliffhangers so I had to keep watching all 3 seasons until I was done. I would definitely recommend it. Definitely check it out, it’s really good.

My most recent bing series is “Endeavor.” I’m really interested in it because it’s a PBS series that takes place in the 1960s and it is a detective series.

I found out about this series from my younger brother who kind of has a similar taste in that sort of entertainment. He said “oh, you got to try this, it’s great”.

I kept watching the series because there were 6 seasons and partly because it’s a period piece and I love watching the stories from other time periods and the ’60s was such a great time. The writing is really good and the acting is really good. It’s funny and dramatic without being over the top.