Opinionated – A Student Podcast Debut


The official high school student podcast is officially here!

Over the pandemic, host Evanya Mathur was fully remote for her freshman year and needed a way to connect to the outside world.

During the Black Lives Matter protests which erupted all around the country and the latest presidential election, Mathur found a way to stay in touch with the world through her voice. From there, Opinionated was born.

Opinionated is a new way for all students to connect through experience and most importantly, opinions.

Tune in to the first podcast in the forthcoming series which covers a wide range of topics and trends relevant to today’s student body in an open-forum discussion-style format.

Opinionated brings a young person’s perspective to the common podcast, including advice, entertainment, arts, music, and much more.

The podcast is meant to be for students by students, in order to cultivate and unite our student body.

HHS Press will have all the updates on the podcast and reveal new episodes.

Listen to all that is to come. Students are encouraged to reach out and join future episodes. You may email Mathur at [email protected] with ideas or opinions for future episodes.

Listen to the very first episode, “The New Normal at HHS,” where Mathur speaks to senior Madison Loos and Principal Bishop about the past year we have experienced and plans for what is to come.