Gourmia Air Fryer Oven: A New, Healthier Style of Cooking

Are they really worth the hype?

After becoming such a popular cooking appliance over the last two years, many people are still wondering whether air fryers are really worth the money. When it comes to cooking, most people view air fryers as unnecessary, seeing that the typical oven serves a lot of the same functions.

However, the Gourmia Air Fryer Oven is more than just an air fryer.

With fourteen different cooking functions, including reheating, dehydrating, and even a cookie function, the Gourmia has the potential to serve several purposes in the kitchen. The Gourmia claims to provide “you with the tools to eat better and healthier without spending hours in the kitchen prepping and cooking.”

Air fryers, like the Gourmia, use convection to circulate hot air and oil around food in order to cook it.

There are over 30 different air fryer models that Gourmia offers. Models can range anywhere from $70 to $300 depending on the model’s size and various functions. I bought the GTF7900 model, which goes for around $90 at Target.

It takes up the same counter space as a normal toaster oven, and it even comes with a recipe book made specifically created for the type of model you buy.

Overall, this product so far seems like a very useful and practical replacement for the old toaster oven that I used to have.

The “multi-purposeness” of this product makes it quick and easy to heat up any type of food. I’ve thrown in pizza, bagels, toast, vegetables, salmon, pickles, and different types of frozen foods. All of these foods took very minimal time to cook, and yet, they still tasted as though they were cooked in a regular oven or toaster.

However, one downside to the Gourmia is that it has to be properly cleaned after each use, especially after using the air fryer function. Both the interior and exterior can get dirty very easily, but it’s important to wipe down the appliance’s exterior and handwash any accessories on the interior once it has cooled down.

All in all, the Gourmia Air Fryer Oven has blown me away. My family and I use it almost every single day.

Because I have such a large family, we tend to use it for meals like breakfast and lunch because the Gourmia works better for smaller meals and proportions.

However, if you have a smaller family, I would recommend using it to prepare dinner. Perhaps try throwing your protein in it or preparing some vegetables in it as a side dish.

For the Gourmia Air Fryer Oven, the food possibilities are endless and delicious.