Sneak Peek of International Night


Natalia Gomez

International students, Costanza and Luna elaborate on their cultures.

Every year International Night encourages all students at HHS to come to be a part and take a quick preview of new cultures.

As students part of the foreign exchange program, they usually participate by discussing the traditions of their country, preparing food, and even teaching some interesting dance moves as well as language lessons.

Natalia Gomez
Clara Gomes, Brazilian foreign exchange student.

Traveling to a foreign country can be very intimidating, thus, International Night’s major purpose is to help build a more cooperative global community and facilitates the students’ experience.

“So if you see [exchange students] in the halls or you see them in class, you’ve met them before. It can help them become more part of our Hopkinton community,” Spanish teacher Ms. Theis said.

With the help of HHS students and the international students’ willingness to join Hopkinton’s wonderful community, they’ll start to get accustomed to the U.S.

“I love it! I’m really happy to be here and meet new people,” Costanza Alberti said.

As the school year settles, International Night on October 25 at 6 PM allows students to showcase something about their country.

Natalia Gomez
Ms. Theis, advisor of the ambassador’s club who organizes International Night event.

“We have such access to the world around us. It not only important to understand the language but the culture and how people in other countries work around us,” Ms. Theis said.

From traditional food staples to important symbols to simple carnivals. It all unites a country together with something in common.

Clara Gomes emphasizes how she enjoys the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro by claiming that the people of Brazil are the best part of the country because of how friendly and outgoing they are.

Despite the fact there might be a lot of common stereotypes and concerns that international students have in mind when traveling to the US, such as huge food portions, and early school times, the international students are all very excited.

“Everyone is proud to be here, all united,” Gomes said.

Costanza remarked the importance in informing others of becoming more aware of other cultures in order to become a more well-rounded as a person.

“Helps you be more open-minded, improves your point of view of the world,” Alberti said.

Clara digs deeper and points out a similar reason as to why people should be more educated of other cultures.

“I feel like when you get to know other places in the world, you become open-minded and learn so much more. It creates a different view of the world of not just you, so you are more conscious of others,” Gomes said.