The Facts about Class Money

Funding the spectrum of a high school class’ events over the course of four years is not cheap. Yet, apart from members of the student government, students may find the fundraising aspects a mystery.

Vice President Ted Torres
Vice President for the Class of 2018, Ted Torres

Ted Torres, vice president of the class of 2018, explained, “There are three main ways the class can make money. We can get it through fundraising activities, donations, and student dues.”

Fundraisers generate the most amount of money for the class, and there are always multiple fundraisers that happen throughout the year for each class, but when asked about which one was the most successful, Torres immediately said the parking raffle.

“The parking raffle always makes a lot of money. Everyone wants that prime spot right in front of the school,” Torres said.

However, fundraisers are not the only way to get some income. Torres said the class also gets lots of donations throughout the year from students and parents, and the forty-five dollars of student dues each student pays is also another great way the class is able to get some money.

When it comes to keeping track and handling the class money, Lu Wang, the treasurer of the class of 2018, is the man responsible for that.

Treasurer for the Class of 2018, Lu Wang

“The money the class makes over the years pays for all sorts of stuff the class needs. Some examples are the senior boat cruise and the class t-shirts that were just bought for everyone last week” said Wang.

When Torres was asked the same question about where the money went, he said a microwave was one of many things the class money would pay for, which was a promise of his he had made in his campaign for vice president.

“As we look forward to future events and activities, we always like to make sure there’s money in the account” said Wang. He said luckily everything to this point has gone according to plan. Every event had more than enough money to fund it and he does not suspect the senior class will have any difficulty funding any future events.

“The class officers and Lu Wang have done a great job handling the money so far, and hopefully this year will be no different” said Torres.

Senior year has the most activities that need funding, with the highlight being the senior boat cruise. This event is definitely not cheap, which may leave many people wondering how their class is shaping up coming into the final year.

The class officers said they made sure they had enough to pay for it all. When asked if the senior class has enough money to fund all the activities, Torres said “We have enough, we definitely do.”

When Wang was asked the same question, he offered a similar response. “You guys are in for a great senior year” he said, highlighting what looks to end up as a good year for the class of 2018.