Ashley Olafsen Talks Goals for the Year

Leticia Namanda

Ashley Olafsen, Vice President Class of 2015. Photo by Julia Lotvin
Ashley Olafsen, Vice President Class of 2015. Photo by Julia Lotvin

By Leticia Namanda

Q: What motivated you to run this year? Or, in other words, what inspired you to want to be elected in your position?

A: I ran, largely, because I’ve been Vice President the past two years and I really enjoyed it the role. I also really enjoy high school & my class, so I was thrilled to have the honor of making my class a forever priority. I can’t wait to be planning reunions 50 years out.

Q: What are your top three goals for the class?

A: Hmm…I suppose a one goal would be to have an even better talent show, probably another one would be to figure out the current parking situation like we’re doing now, and for a third one, to make sure that everything senior week goes as planned!

Q: What is the biggest problem in our school in your perspective, and how would you plan to solve it?

A: This is a tough question. We have a really excellent administration team that covers nearly everything. The biggest problem that I can possibly think of is students losing crucial social skills & effective ways of communicating problems, because of our media addiction. Since you’re asking about this school and that’s more of a social problem, I would say maybe a class could help to address it.

Q: How do you plan to set an example for future class officers, or underclassman?

A: I plan on setting an example by treating everyone like a human being, with the respect and dignity that each human deserves. I plan on continuing to work hard and be a loyal Vice President!

Q: Do you feel that one negative aspect of the High school experience is either not focused on enough, or overly observed?

A: No, not at all. I think Hopkinton High School is a really amazing school, and we are so so so lucky to be going to a school where people actually care about education.

Q: What kind of leadership skills do you think you will gain when you are a part of student government next year?

A: I think I will become a better problem solver & become better at working with people.