The Missing Ticket


By Andrew Young
Without question last year’s NBA Playoffs left Boston fans with a bitter taste. The defending NBA champions were  sent packing after the Orlando Magic seemed unaffected by the Celtics’ swagger. Center Dwight Howard and his “Superman” alter ego needed no introduction to where  the rim was; Howard averaged more dunks than shots during half of the playoffs. What was most impressive was that Howard averaged a double double in almost every playoff game. As a defensive threat Howard shut down the post and left no space for an open lane.  With a player like Howard it is easy to think most of the credit for making it to the Finals would go to him.  Was that really the missing ticket or was “The Big Ticket,” Kevin Garnett the real missing factor?

Many will say that the Boston Celtics did not advance because of Kevin Garnett’s strained knee injury. Losing a guy with his capabilities means the part of the puzzle that makes the team complete is missing. With teammates like “The Truth” Paul Pierce, “Jesus Shuttlesworth” Ray Allen, and “not-nicknamed-yet” Rajon Rondo, it would be legitimate to think the Celtics would not miss Kevin Garnett, sadly they did. Garnett being injured meant a loss of intensity, emotion, co-leadership, and the glue that Ray, Paul, Rondo, and Perkins needed to play true Celtics basketball.

With the new season approaching and Kevin Garnett having time to rehabilitate, do the Celtics have a chance at another NBA Title? Only time can tell.