Expectations for China Trip

Matthew Amegadzie

Hopkinton High School's new Mandarin teacher Shu Lin Xu shares how she has been preparing her students for a trip to China.Photo by Matthew Amegadzie
Hopkinton High School’s new Mandarin teacher Shu Lin Xu shares how she has been preparing her students for a trip to China.
Photo by Matthew Amegadzie


By Matthew Amegadzie

This year Hopkinton High School is offering the opportunity for  Mandarin III students to travel to China over April break for a learning experience where they may test their language skills and be fully immersed into Chinese culture. Students in these classes are excited to venture out into new territory and apply what they have been learning for the past three years.

Todd Ashley, junior, shared his excitement.

Ashley, who has been learning Chinese for 3 years now, said “I feel prepare to use my Chinese when we get there. I think we can find our way around and hold our own in a conversation. What we have been learning in Chinese class will be helpful when we are trying to communicate, such as giving directions and ordering food.”

“I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of interesting sites that I’ve never seen before and comparing them to other places I have visited,” Todd said. “I like going to new places, so this trip should be very fun. This trip is a chance to broaden my horizon and see a different side of the world,” Ashley said.

Patrick Dumas, senior, further explained about what excited him most about the trip.

Dumas claimed, “I honestly feel prepare to use my Chinese in China. I often have been practicing my Chinese with the Chinese foreign exchange students and they have helped me understand what it is like to have full conversations with the native Chinese people.  I am very eager to go on the trip. The itinerary is full of some great destinations that we will be visiting. I am particularly excited about visiting Shanghai and my old teacher from mandarin 1, Pan Lao Shi,” said Dumas.”I hope to gain a lot of culture and linguistic knowledge from the experience.”

Shu Lin Xu, The current mandarin teacher, talked about how she has been preparing her students for this trip.

“Certainly they are ready more or less for the trip. They have the language skill and know a little bit about the culture. The curriculum we design includes basic greetings, introductions, hobbies, and food. The students who are going on the trip will do some extra assignments before they leave. They would have to do some culture research on China and also on the places they are going to,” said Xu.

“I want them to be able to apply what they learn on the trip and be well-informed before they arrive,” Xu explained further

Students going on the China trip will leave the Friday before April break for ten days. Until then, they continue to learn, practice their language skills, and eagerly await their departure.