Varsity Boys Soccer Win Under the Lights


By Maritza Gamboa
On Thursday September 17th sophomore midfielder Jack Hilger scored two goals as the Boys Varsity Soccer Team won their first home night game 3-2 against Nipmuc Regional High School. Graham Egan added a score while Goalkeeper Malcolm Cheney made 14 exciting saves. The team was on fire Thursday night, showing Nipmuk what they were made of. The air was cool and the fans were wild, giving the boys a perfect set up for victory. “Malcolm played awesome in net, he was always in position and made some great saves” said Captain Chris Papadellis, a midfielder for the Hillers.

It was the first cool night of the Fall. The cool weather didn’t stop the fans from coming out and cheering there hearts out for their team. Sitting in the stands was an adventure, jumping up and down every time the boys got near their opponents net.  Even though it was a non-league game, the Varsity Boys gave it all they had, showing how hard they have been working this season.

Captain Papadellis commented, “We are a very skilled team this year. Our style is very different from last year. Our forwards have terrific speed and they do a great job. We have a ton of skill in the midfield with 6 very talented players. Our defense is solid this year and does a phenomenal job keeping the ball out of the backfield. Malcolm is hands down one of the best goalies in the league. As a team, we just need to concentrate on finishing our opportunities at the net. We shall see how we do this year.”

The Hiller Superfans look forward to an exciting season. The Green are under the lights again on October 5th when they take on Medfield HS.