Girl's Varsity Soccer. Hopkinton vs. Millis


By: Paige Mcdermott

The Girl’s Varsity Soccer team has started their season of 2009 with three victories. The Coach’s expectations for this season are “to do our best, and make tournament,” according to Emily Blake, who is a player on varsity soccer and a student from Hopkinton High School. This year the season will be different from last year because the team has lost a lot of key seniors, but more younger players are stepping up to fulfill the team’s expectations.
The past week the team was scheduled to play a game against Millis. This game was important to the players to win because last year Millis finished in first place in the TVL. The players were excited and pumped up going into this game. The captains, Nikki Somadelis, Micah Ulrich, and Kelly Sanborn, were ready to lead their team to victory. At the end of the game, the score came up to Hopkinton-2 and Millis-1. Hopkinton had their third victory! The two players who scored throughout the game were captain, Nikki Somadelis, and Kim Bolick, a junior at Hopkinton High School. When I asked Emily Blake if there was a person who stood out and helped the team to victory in that game, she responded with, “Ali, the freshman goalie, made some key saves.” The game went very well, and kept the girls pumped up for the rest of the season.
It was an important victory for the soccer team, and now they have received two more points for the tournament.  So far the team has seven out of eighteen points for the tournament. The team record for the season so far is 3-0-1. Next time the team plays against Millis, they are going to focus on doing a better job of shutting down Molly Breen, who is Millis’ best player. The next game is Friday, September 25  they will be playing Westwood at 3:30, but the game is away. The Girl’s Varsity Soccer team has had a great start to the season of 2009, and hopefully will continue throughout the season.