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    College-Bound Juniors Are Hard At Work

    Commonly used college reference books. Photo by Maddie Oleson

    By Maddie Oleson
    Even though college is nearly two years away, many juniors have already started the process of finding their ideal school. Building a list of prospective colleges can be a daunting task that requires considerable amounts of time, research, and often the guidance of others.

    Josh Perez stated, “I have already begun the college search process. I have been in contact with my guidance counselor and visited 2 schools as well. Additionally, I have utilized Naviance to find colleges that fit.”

    With so many different factors to consider, finding the perfect match is not easy.

    Catie Kelley, a junior, shared her concerns about choosing a college. “My biggest anxiety about the college process is making sure that I choose the right one…and one of my biggest fears is hating the college I choose so badly that I end up wanting to transfer,” she said.

    Nearly every student interviewed agreed that finding a school with the right major was the most important factor in their decision.

    “I could be going to the most prestigious school in the world, but they might not offer my preferred major, in which case the [opportunity] would be wasted. College is ultimately preparing you for the real world. You don’t need to focus on the size or location of a school to get a good education,” explained junior Blair Guild.

    Cost seemed to be the least important factor to most juniors, either because they felt comfortable with their parents’ financial situation, or they did not want to limit their choices at this initial stage of the process.

    “I feel it is more important to know what you want to do and to find that perfect fit. Once you are accepted, then you can look at the cost,” advised junior Allie Celia.

    In addition to research, students are making significant changes to their extracurricular activities and academics in order to improve their chance of acceptance to the colleges of their choice. Students are feeling a lot of pressure to be academically superior and exceptionally well rounded, and according to junior Patrick Levenson, “appealing to colleges is a big trend in our school.”

    Junior Jess Martel admitted, “To make myself look better for colleges I took the fall off [from soccer] to focus on my academics. I also joined a few clubs and programs outside of school that I thought would look good on an application.”

    College-bound juniors seek advice and information from their parents, older siblings, and from the Internet. In addition, many have already or plan to take advantage of the resources available at the Hopkinton High School guidance office. The guidance counselors understand the anxiety that accompanies the college process and are eager to help students in whatever way possible.

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