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College Commitments and Recruitment

Ivy Missaggia, Staff Reporter

October 31, 2018

Some seniors are lucky enough to commit to a college before the application processes for most seniors is even started. Whether recruited or scouted, colleges know whom they want to pursue. The beginning of senior year ...

Stuck In the Middle: Seniors Face the Final Stretch

Benjamin Nigrosh, Editor-In-Chief

March 28, 2018

This is the second of three installments. The first article, written two months ago, revolved around the stresses of college applications. The third installment, in two months, will be just before graduation. In March of their...

Senior Year: Looking Back and Looking Forward

Benjamin Nigrosh, Editor-In-Chief

November 19, 2017

Senior year is synonymous with change. With college applications, graduation, and career choices, it can be an extremely emotional time for those in their final semesters of high school. Many seniors take this time to reflect...

UMass Boston is an Excellent School


May 18, 2010

It is a common misconception that state colleges are not as “good” as private colleges because they are cheaper and have a reputation of being “easy” to get into. Ever since the economy took a turn for...

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