Hopkinton High School’s Newest Club: Habitat for Humanity

Meghan Murdock

Founder of the HHS Habitat for Humanity Club, Samantha Thyne, poses for a picture after school. Photo by Meghan Murdock

By Meghan Murdock
During her last year of high school, HHS senior Samantha Thyne decided to start a chapter of Habitat for Humanity in order make a real difference in her community.

“I noticed a lot of groups in school raise money and donate their funds to charity groups and other organizations, but I wanted to go beyond just raising money and donate time and effort,” said Thyne.

Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization which seeks to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness by building and rehabilitating simple, decent housing for families. The organization thrives on volunteer labor and donations of money and materials in order to complete projects.

As members, students will participate in building projects throughout the year and will able to see the results of their hard work.

“Unlike most clubs, we can physically see our progress by looking at a finished landscape or room,” stated Thyne in regards to what differentiates Habitat for Humanity from other community service clubs at HHS.

The club’s first project will be on November 12 in Boylston. Thyne hopes to complete several more projects throughout the year as well.

“I hope to fit in as many projects as possible so as many people can participate as possible,” said Thyne. “I would like to get everyone out [on a site] at least once,” she added.

However, it will most likely be juniors and seniors who are actually building on sites due to age restrictions and a limit of 24 people allowed on a site per day.

Thyne still encourages younger members to get involved; they would have more of a role in fundraising and landscaping.

“Hopefully they will see it as ‘paying dues’ and working your way up,” said Thyne about underclassmen members, who will likely be involved with building once they are a junior or senior.

Thyne says that she hopes to establish a strong foundation for the club this year so it will continue to function after she has graduated.

“Since we are the first high school group in MA to approach Habitat for Humanity to start a student run club, we’re the guinea pigs, and hopefully everything will be easier for future presidents,” said Thyne.

Interested members can join the Facebook group “HHS Habitat for Humanity Club.”