Palladium and Future Plans for Local Ska-Band Splatter Cactus

Sean Pettepit

Dan Quigley, vocalist of local ska-band Splatter Cactus, talks about his band's performance and goals for the future. Photo by Sean Pettepit

By Sean Pettepit
After playing their first major show, local ska-band Splatter Cactus is looking to expand their already large fan base.  With close to 100 tickets sold, Splatter Cactus secured a headlining spot at the Palladium’s annual Exposurefest.

Even with an overwhelming Hopkinton presence at the venue, Splatter Cactus still drew support from listeners who had never heard their band before.  “It was really positive, I loved how people from Hopkinton paid $15.00 for tickets and drove all the way out to Worcester to see us,” commented vocalist Dan Quigley.

Saxophonist Joe Barra stated, “It was probably the most fulfilling experience ever. It has always been my dream to play there and now that I finally have I’m satisfied.  And I think I can speak for the band when I say it was a dream fulfilled for all of them too.”

Now, the band has set even more goals for themselves and is branching out to make sure that their music is heard.  Two of the band’s studio recordings and four live tracks can be heard on their Facebook page, plus there is a list of upcoming events.  The band is set to play at the Barn Jam on June 11th, which will be a fundraiser to raise money for the HHS Drama Ensemble’s trip to Scotland.

In addition, the band is formulating plans to co-headline shows with another Massachusetts band, Socially Awkward, that also played at Exposurefest.

On a larger scale, the band has plans to expand to other types of media. “My brain child will be a music video for Loop Road, one of our songs,” said Quigley.

Splatter Cactus has no intention of slowing down, and they are eager to perform as the summer approaches.  You can listen to and download their music and find out about upcoming events on the band’s Facebook page.