Whats Next for Lebron?


Lebron James upset after Losing a game in Orlando earlier this year. Photo taken by unknown source

By Malcolm Cheney
Just a couple of weeks ago, the Cleveland Cavaliers were ousted by the Boston Celtics in the NBA Eastern Conference Semifinals. This raised a few areas of concern in the city of Cleveland.

First, the Cav’s weren’t up to par without there star player on the floor, and without Lebron James, it is fairly clear to see that they would have been and NBA best 61-21, or even make the playoffs.

The second is much more gut wrenching: what lies in the future for Lebron James.

With Lebron’s multi million-dollar contract up, his future is uncertain in Cleveland. There have been rumors of a move to New York to be a part of the Knicks, or Chicago as a part of the Bulls. Once again as of this point it is only rumors.

If he were to go to New York or Chicago he would be immediately welcomed into a modern social scene that can not be found in the struggling city of Cleveland, Ohio. This type of change would appeal to many big name athletes in all sports.

Although the appeal is there, Lebron has said, “I’m going to go where the basketball is the best, that’s what I get paid to do is play basketball, it is my only concern.” (NBA.COM). Even though he said this, it doesn’t mean that the desire isn’t there for “The King”.

With the rumors circulating around the country, Cleveland has taken notice to it. Right outside of the Quicken Loans Arena, where the Cav’s play their home games, a large banner has a picture of Lebron with his signature pose throwing chalk into the air, like he does right before tip off of every game, and under that states, “Born here, Raised Here, Played Here, Stays Here.”

Lebron grew up in Akron, Ohio where he was a three time All-American and attended Mt St. Vincent Academy in Akron. He has never really lived outside of Ohio in his life. This may provide a reason for him to stay.

Wherever he ends up is sure to say that, whether the Knicks, Bulls, Cav’s, or any other team that he ends up with is sure to make the playoffs and, King James may receive the championship ring he’s been working toward.