Sports Question of the Week: What are your thoughts on team sports psych ups? What constitutes taking these psych ups too far?


Recently, there has been some controversy as to whether or not sports psych-ups are appropriate in school and serve a purpose.  Psych-ups at Hopkinton High School range from wearing school uniforms to psychedelic days. The main purpose is to help the teams get “psyched” up for game day, but some members of the Hopkinton High School community feel that the teams have gone a little too far.

Justin Roshak – Grade 11

“I really like team sports psych-ups because they are inventive and creative, and applications of creativity. I’d almost like to see more of them just because they add so much color to the school, and I really look forward to them.”

Samuel MacDonald – Grade 12

“I think they are hilarious, but taking them too far would be like, for example, when the freshman volleyball team came in dressed [provocatively]. That’s taking it too far. To the point where they aren’t wearing clothes, or are wearing clothing that promotes drugs or alcohol, that’s taking it too far. But overall I think they’re funny.”

Ms. Leach – Wellness Department Head

“I think psych-ups are an important part of being a member of a team. I think they motivate some athletes. My only concern is at times I think they have become a bit excessive and inappropriate in the way that students dress. If they are offensive in any way I don’t think they should be allowed. Psych-ups sometimes for younger teams should be that they are wearing their team uniforms instead of crazy dress, but I think psych-ups have a place at school.”