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The Hillers Dominate During the Annual Dig Pink Volleyball Match

A day that goes beyond sports.
In honor of Dig-Pink, players Maddie Fitzpatrick and Gabby Pattie dressed in pink before the game.

The Hopkinton Hillers girls varsity volleyball team defeated the Ashland Clockers 3-0 in the annual Dig Pink game on Wednesday, October 11.

The Side-Out Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 2004 that has worked with hundreds of volleyball teams around the country to host an annual Dig Pink game in hopes of raising funds and awareness for breast cancer.

“Dig-Pink players are helping to change the lives of those living with breast cancer. This year and I think in years to come the organization is focused on metastatic breast cancer which is breast cancer that has moved to another part of the body. The organization is meeting with local individuals in Massachusetts as their base here is in Framingham so they can help to pair people from the area with individualized treatment plans,” said Jessica Karner, Junior Varsity coach.

Coach Karner as she prepares the final roster for the match.

The game is close to many of the Hopkinton community members’ hearts, as this year marked Hopkinton’s 13th Dig Pink event. The stands were filled with cheering fans decked out in pink and the player’s bright pink jerseys made their annual appearance.

“I think we probably started right around 2010, so almost 15 years that we have been participating. Hopkinton was very early jumping into Dig Pink because it was important to us that we got to be a part of it,” said Karner.

The players describe Dig Pink as an extremely exciting and adrenaline-pumping game but understand that this day goes far beyond sports.

Sophomore Gabby Pattie has worked to raise over $200 for the event in preparation for her first varsity fundraiser.

“It makes everyone more aware of what cancer is and makes it seem more real especially since the Side-Out Foundation is doing things closer to the school and the community this year. It is nice to know the money we raise is going to help people,” said Pattie.

Each player in the volleyball program is given an envelope enclosed with raffle tickets to sell to their family and friends. During the game, tickets were pulled and winners of different raffle baskets and prizes were announced.

Each volleyball player is given an envelope to sell as many raffles as possible.

“Volleyball is a big sport that attracts a large amount of people so it is great for the fundraising aspect of it. We are normally able to raise a large amount of money that we can give back to breast cancer research. Overall, it is such a great way to spread awareness while still bringing a little light to the situation” Pattie said.

Behind the scenes, the volleyball parents work to make this day a success by purchasing and putting together the raffle baskets. The parents of the players volunteer their time and come in hours before the game starts to decorate the gym with pink signs, streamers, and more.

“I think anytime that you are doing fundraising for any type of cancer, especially being a female as I know so many people that have been touched by breast cancer, it is very important to me to participate and help raise money for this incredible cause,” said Junior Varsity parent, Gayle Ober.

In total, $5,268 was raised for the Side-Out Foundation this year!

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