This Year’s Senior Capstone Experience


This years website for the Senior Capstone Experience.

The senior capstone experience starts when the seniors come back from April break. With various ideas, here’s what some seniors have in store for the upcoming four weeks.

“My senior project is about creating a research paper on the respiratory health of teachers and how their occupation and location (rural/suburban/urban) affects their respiratory condition based on anonymous survey data,” Briana Mallouh said.

“I’m taking an AutoCAD On-demand class,” Thomas Maurer said.

“I am going to be building a shed with my friends, and it is going to be attached to his house,” Dylan Mansur said.

All three seniors have reasons for their choice of project, ranging from career-relatedness to exploring themselves socially and emotionally.

“My partner and I chose to do this project because we are very interested in public health and have been involved with science research and science fair throughout high school, and have hopes of entering the medical field,” Mallouh explained.

“I plan to major in construction management. This online course helps with anything engineering or construction related. It’s good to know what it is about, and I’m also taking it so I can get a job in the summer, working with my dad at his company,” Maurer explained.

This website contains the information for the AutoCad On-Demand course Maurer is taking. “I’m very excited to start,” Maurer said.

“I’m excited, and this will be fun to do with my friends and spend some time outside,” Mansur said.

The process these students go through is complex. Mallouh has several steps she must go through before reaching her final product.

“First, we had to get the project approved by the institutional review board, which is an organization that reviews and monitors research based on their regulations,” Mallouh said.

“In our next steps, we have to email the survey to different principals throughout Massachusetts that will email the survey to teachers who have the choice to fill out the anonymous survey about their health conditions and location (rural, urban, suburban),” Mallouh explained.

Mallouh and her group mates with their science fair project. Her work in science fair and interest in public health has inspired her senior capstone project.

“Then, we have to do data analysis and find if the surveys proved our hypothesis correct and find if there was any statistical significance using stats tests such as a p-test. We then need to write a research paper, including our introduction, research methods, data analysis, results, and conclusion/next steps,” Mallouh added.

Her final product will consist of a research paper that she and her partner hope to publish in a professional research journal and a poster board that can summarize their research process.

Similarly, Thomas Maurer will go through the difficulty of his online course and the many hours he will need to put into it.

“This online class covers 3D modelings, 3D planning, and anything from online blueprints and online designing,” Maurer said.

He plans to create a blueprint drawing of his house, including each level and room.

Mansur’s group project with three other seniors might not make it to the end.

“It will take us four weeks, but we might not even finish in time. Without the pre-build, it would take a lot longer,” Mansur explained.

The model shed Mansur and his group are basing their project on. “I’m very excited to end the school year building a shed with my friends,” Mansur said.

One of his groupmates parents offered to buy them a pre-build of the shed. However, before the pre-build, they planned on purchasing materials from home depot and lowes and building it from scratch.

Despite the obstacles, each senior expressed their excitement going into the project as it gives them a chance to work on something they enjoy in their last month of school.