Eve Weatherhead: the Bridge Between Two Teams


Photo by Drew Foley

Eve Weatherhead poses between her sister, former Hopkinton High diver, Tess and their mother Jessica.

Junior Eve Weatherhead, the co-captain of the Hopkinton Swim and Dive team and Hopkinton’s only diver, has shown how well sports can bring people together. Fans become friends with other fans, coaches meet coaches, and competing athletes embrace one another.

“I practice with Wayland because Drew Foley is my club coach and the Wayland coach. So, at the beginning of the season, when the [Hopkinton] swimmers were able to get a pool, but no board, Drew offered to take me in,” Weatherhead said.

This gave her the opportunity to learn about and establish friendships with swimmers and divers from an opposing team.

“Everyone on the other team was very inviting, and kind, and made me really feel a part of their Wayland Warrior family, even though I wasn’t technically one of their teammates,” she said.

By being a respected member of two teams but only competing for one, Weatherhead demonstrates the respect and true power of sportsmanship.

Weatherhead and coach at Division 1 States
Eve Weatherhead and her coach, Drew Foley stand together after Weatherhead won 3rd place at Division 1 states. (Photo By Jessica Weatherhead)

“Eve has been such an amazing part of this team,” beamed Coach Foley. “I am grateful to be her club coach, and when I heard her school’s practice facility didn’t have a board to dive, I wanted to give her that opportunity and openness to work with us and our divers.”

In fact, Weatherhead even got invited to Wayland’s Swim and Dive banquet.

“It was an amazing experience, and I was so glad to be a part of it. [It was] especially nice to see the seniors off and really just to see all the familiar faces from this season together,” she recalled.

Her excitement was shared by many of the Warriors.

“When we first heard that Eve was coming to practice, we were optimistic and happy about this experience, especially knowing about her skills as a diver,” Wayland diver Mia Mee said. “Eve was amazing to work with and a fun person to have around. And she really felt like she was a part of our Wayland dive team.”

“We actually forgot that she was not part of our team until we got to our first meet, and I had to ask the coach why Eve was not there,” said Julia Sun, another Wayland diver.

Weatherhead remains forever grateful for this experience.

“I am so glad for this amazing season and the relationships that I have built have been truly great. I hope I am able to receive this opportunity again soon,”  she concluded.