Friendsgiving Hosted by the Ambassadors Club


Ambassadors Club members digging in at the Friendsgiving event held last week.

There are over 60 clubs at Hopkinton High School, but only the Ambassadors Club helps foreign exchange students adjust to American life. The Ambassadors Club is a club of all the foreign exchange students, from Italy, Spain, Germany, and many other countries, and students from Hopkinton. The club has meetings to inform members of upcoming sporting events, volunteer opportunities, etc.

The club’s main purpose is to host traditional American events and activities to acclimate international students to the United States and Hopkinton’s cultures. Some events that the club hosts are apple picking, movie night, and cookie, and gift exchange, but the most beloved tradition is Friendsgiving which occurred last week. Each year, over 20 students gather, bring side dishes and desserts, catch up with each other, and share Thanksgiving traditions.

“It brings people together. Foreign exchange students and club members. It shows the traditions we have in America and gives them the American experience,” club president, Sophia Perrelli said.

Perrelli has been a member of the club since freshman year. Last fall, she was elected president of the club along with Anjali Batra as vice president, Caroline DeSimone as secretary, and Ally Barry as treasurer. All have been members since the start of high school.

Maura Souza has also been a member since freshman year. Her older sister was a part of the club, and now her younger sister is as well. One of Souza’s favorite events is Friendsgiving as well.

“Friendsgiving is a great event because Thanksgiving is a big American holiday. It’s very nice to have a version to spend with our friends and introduce the foreign exchange students to it and get to spend time together,” Souza said.

As for the international students, it has been a great way to learn American traditions as well as meet new friends who know the ins and outs of the town and high school.

“I have learned new traditions. Like I did not know there was such a thing as apple picking before the Ambassadors club,” Benedetta Romani said, who is from Italy.

“My favorite part of friendsgiving is talking to people and getting to know each other better,” Romani said.

The Ambassadors Club is also joining forces with Diversity Club to help host Multicultural Night, which has not taken place since before COVID-19. Multicultural Night is set to be held in February. Each international student will make their own dish and present a mini-presentation about their country. There will also be performances from clubs like the K-Pop Dance Club. Clubs at the high school encourage students to get involved with the school as well as make friends with people with who they normally would not interact in academic classes. The Ambassadors Club embodies that and adds an international layer to it.