Sean Golembiewski is Committed to the University of Pennsylvania

On Thursday, 12/15, senior Sean Golembiewski announced his commitment to run track and field for the University of Pennsylvania Quakers in the fall of 2023.

Golembiewski has toured many campuses over the past year, including that of Cornell and Princeton. However, he had his heart set on UPenn. His visit left him with a lasting impression of the school; especially the athletic department.

“I love Coach Klim [a UPenn track and field coach] and the team, and they have the top outdoor facility,” Golembiewski said.

Golembiewski’s teammates and coaches at Hopkinton are incredibly proud and excited for him. After all, UPenn is ranked as one of the most elite institutions in the world. However, they are not surprised that he was accepted, as he had been showing his talent for the past four years.

“He works incredibly hard and does so silently,” Daniel Collins, a mid-distance track coach, beamed. “He has an incredible work ethic about him: [he is the] first one in the gym, last one to leave, and he asks really good questions”.

Sean Golembiewski running over a hurdle.
Sean Golembiewski runs over a hurdle in practice. He aims to keep his hamstring healthy throughout the season, as he has had injuries there in the past. (Jack Green)

Collins explained that those questions were what really made Golembiewski stand out. Although he didn’t place first every time, he always used feedback for improvement and never lost his determination.

“Freshman year, he started hurdling,” said co-captain Neil Abraham, who has been running with Golembiewski for five years. “By the end of the year, you could see that there was something special there.”

Golembiewski expressed his gratitude to his coaches and teammates for their endless support.

“I couldn’t manage the season without [them] helping me put in the work every practice,” he said.

Although he has committed, Golembiewski is far from done. He is still striving to be the best captain and athlete he can be this year.

When asked about what he planned to accomplish this season, he said, “Winning states, winning New England, and earning all-American status. Everything I haven’t won earlier, I want to win this year and go out on top.”