Cheerleaders Take TVL Title


By Kelsey Krapf
Saturday, February 27th, the Tri-Valley league cheerleading teams competed for the title at Medway High School. Ashland, Bellingham, Hopkinton, and Medway all looked to come out on top, but only the Hopkinton Cheerleaders achieved victory. The Hopkinton girls received both the TVL title, Grand Champions, and the sportsmanship award. With a total score of 91, the team performed their best ever.

Senior Chelsea Carlson said of the event, “I was really relieved that we finally got what we deserved and so happy that we were recognized for how good we actually are. And I was in shock that we scored so high.”  Waiting for awards, the girls started tearing up.

Coach Melissa Heiligmann said, “I’m so proud of the girls. They did everything I asked them to do, and I hope it pays off!”

Ashland team captain said, “What an amazing performance you had today! it was incredible!” The girls were visibly proud of their accomplishment and had many fans their watching them.

Many of the girls explained that they “Put everything out their on that mat, and did everything they could to do their best.”

This victory marks the Hopkinton Cheerleaders beginning to make an impact in Division 2. In a previous competition, Hopkinton scored 0.5 points below their biggest rival, North Attleboro. In Medway, the girls outscored everyone in the competition, also eclipsing Attleboro North.

After overcoming obstacles, the girls are hoping that their success continues to follow them. Captain, Molly Niland said “I cannot wait for what the rest of the season is going to bring us, I’m hoping the girls are starting to realize how good we are.”

Next up the Hopkinton Cheerleaders will compete in Taunton to retake the regional title they achieved fall of 2009.