Natalie Bouffard: Swim Team Captain and Musician


Jayson DeLong

Natalie Bouffard practices on her tenor saxophome during Flex Block

As the school year rolls on, a new season of sports is making some students busier than ever.

One of them is Junior Natalie Bouffard.  

This winter, she has taken on the role of one of the four captains of the swim team. 

I help with organization, leadership, and support for the Hopkinton swim team,” Bouffard said.

Bouffard also participates in the band, jazz band, and a recreational swim team.  This new responsibility as a captain adds a challenge to her schedule that many athletes in Hopkinton will be facing as other sports begin.  

When asked about balancing her schedule and doing work she said “homework first and focus before the rest” and continued on to say that “Many nights I sacrifice sleep,” which she agrees is not the best way to go about it.    

In the many activities that Natalie participates in, she takes pride in all of them. She puts full effort into each activity that she does.  In music mfor about a year now, she has been a member of the Tri-M National Music Honor society which gives students the opportunity to take up leadership roles in the music departments at their school.  

Natalie made the decision to start playing music when she was very young. Her brother participated, many of her friends were doing itm and it seemed like a cool opportunity. 

“Being in a band has continued to give me a connection with music that has helped me relax and stay calm.”  Bouffard said 

When asked to comment on Natalie, Hopkinton High School Band director Craig Hay said She is a quiet leader who sets a wonderful example with her musicianship and preparedness.”

One of her favorite memories of her time in the band was when the HHS jazz band received gold at MAJE.  

“It was unexpected which made the win a lot more exciting.” 

Music has had an impact on her life that she won’t forget.

“It has given me an enormous amount of opportunities and has provided me with a great escape from life outside of band and has given me the opportunity to meet new people and especially new friends, ” Bouffard said.

As she continues to start swimming and her schedule gets busier she starts to reflect on what her other love of swimming has had on her life.  

Natalie started swimming similar to the way she started music “my brother swam as well and with him being six years older than me like most younger siblings I idolized him and wanted to be more like him.” 

As she continues to do it she sees more and more of a reward every day. 

“I find it as a balanced way to exercise and as a rewarding activity,” she said.

  One of her favorite aspects about it is “It feels like a family environment and everyone is there for each other.”

Her impact is not only seen in the band but also at the pool. 

“Natalie has been an amazing co-captain and a really great friend of mine. She is very bright and has an amazing path ahead of her” senior swim captain Declan Hanscom said.

As the future looms Natalie is unsure of what she wants to do but has become okay with that being the place she is in for now. But as of now, her schedule is busier, but the rewards and the happiness are a lot for Hopkinton Swim captain Natalie Bouffard.