Think Smart, Think Trivia Club

Trivia Club members Ruben Nororian and Brian Gu appear on PBS. Image by

HHS has a variety of clubs for all different interests, from K-Pop Club to Inventor’s Club to Trivia Club.

The later allows students to build valuable skills while pursuing their passions beyond academic hours. Members play recreationally with one another at meetings. They also have the opportunity to compete against other schools.

Senior Ruben Noroian founded the club two years ago with the help of the club’s advisor, Mr. Challinor.

“I enjoy seeing people happy and answering questions with their friends,” said Noroian.

Typically, the club meets biweekly and hosts jeopardy-style trivia games.

“There are a lot of opportunities to compete in competitions and enjoy trivia. People should join it,” said Abhishek Vijay. The sophomore leads the club’s NAQT team.

Challinor describes the questions selected for the club meetings as unique and challenging. However, most members can answer them given some time to think.

“I usually try to think of a fun category that is linked in a way people may not necessarily think of,” he said.

Trivia Club has recently begun taking a more competitive route, participating in quiz bowl tournaments like the NAQT and GBH.  These quiz shows are highly selective and have a qualification deadline of November 4th. The members representing their school in these competitions are determined by personal interest and scores on preliminary tests.

According to Challinor, Trivia Club has seen significant growth since its inception and fosters a learning environment that knows no limits.

“I like promoting trivia because I think one of the [questions] I, as a teacher, get a lot from students is, “Why are we learning this?” It is important to note how something is going to see that it is valuable. I think promoting knowledge for its own sake is also a positive thing and I think that this club does that,” Challinor said.

Head to Room A204 on Thursday afternoons to test your knowledge.