Alice Potapov: Committing to Sustainability


Madeleine Ritterbusch

Alice Potapov poses for a headshot in her favorite part of the school, the outdoor courtyard. She’s enjoying her first term as part of the Sustainable Green Committee. “It’s really cool to connect with people that have similar interests,” Potapov said.

As of September 13th, senior Alice Potapov is the newest appointee to the sustainable green committee in Hopkinton. She is trying to make the town and the world a greener place.

I have been trying to figure out how to get involved in my community in terms of the climate crisis and sustainability,” Potapov said. “I’ve just been more and more mobilized to actually do something because I was interested in the environment. And I ultimately want to have a career that makes out to help the environment.”

As a part of the Sustainable Green Committee, Potapov will have many opportunities to participate in, and organize town-wide initiatives to combat climate change.

“Essentially the sustainable green committee makes goals to reach certain climate goals both in Hopkinton and in our surrounding communities,” Potapov said.

More specifically, Potapov has her own goals for helping to reduce the high school’s carbon footprint, such as composting in the cafeteria.

Photo: Women in STEM. Alice Potapov is working hard in math class to pursue a career in data science and environmental engineering. "I'm hopefully trying to combine those into a little cocktail," Potapov said.
Potapov is working hard in math class to pursue a career in data science and environmental engineering. “I’m hopefully trying to combine those into a little cocktail,” Potapov said. (Madeleine Ritterbusch)

The main appeal of me being on this is that, along with [seniors] Alveena and Avani, I’m starting a composting initiative at the school and I am kind of serving as a liaison, giving insight on that initiative and hopefully I’ll be able to get their support and connections,” Potapov said.

Being a high schooler, Potapov is among the youngest public servants in Hopkinton. 

In the words of Select Board chair Amy Ritterbusch, there are more and more youth on the town committees in recent years, but I wouldn’t say there are a lot.”

Ritterbusch encourages any students who are thinking about getting more involved in the town to apply for open spots on committees.

“It’s important to have all perspectives younger and older,” Ritterbusch said.

Potapov’s perspective is one of concern for the environment.

“It’s like our collective home, as cheesy as that sounds, I think it’s something we do need to take care of, we have a responsibility to take care of as a collective society and there are some developments that have shown we’re beginning to care in the United States at least,” Potapov said. “We’ve been far behind in this sense so it’s been nice to see that, but hopefully there’ll be more legislature passed to help as well.” 

A passionate caretaker of the earth, Potapov incorporates ecological health into all aspects of her life.

Potapov said, “my favorite color is, in fact, green.”