Plans to combat PFAS chemicals in water supply


After Hopkinton has exceeded the PFAS chemical requirement in the water supply for a quarter of a year, the town has made four short-term plans to help combat the chemicals but has yet to decide on one.

The first plan is to reimburse populations who buy bottled water instead of contaminated town water. This would give each water customer $32 per month for an estimate of three years.

The second is to install a treatment system where customers will drive to fill up empty bottles for themselves. Only one station will be provided and anyone in town wanting treated water will have to travel to the location.

A third option is to install a filter on the well with large amounts of PFAS chemicals to stop more PFAS chemicals from ever reaching public drinking water. The whole town will be receiving treated water below the state guidelines.

The last option is to install a temporary treatment system with rented filter vessels. After the treatment system’s rental time is used it will be returned. Water will be given to people in the town so no travel will be necessary.

One of these temporary plans will be picked after feedback is received. Hopkinton will also have an additional month to come up with a long-term plan to reduce PFAS chemicals in the water supply.