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Goals for Golden Pond's Future

Golden Pond Medical Facility located on 50 Main Street in Hopkinton has many new expansion plans lined up for the near future. Photo By Grace Centola
By Grace Centola
Hopkinton’s assisted living facility Golden Pond is hoping to get the “okay” from the town to go forward in its plan to expand the medical facility. The medical facility wants to expand due to an increase in business and residents.  Golden Pond’s attorney Wayne Davies has brought the proposal in front of the Zoning Board of Appeals, the Conservation Commission and the Planning Board of Hopkinton.
At the Planning Board meeting, Wayne Davies stated, “Golden Pond’s pre-existing use was a medical facility of the 1990s.” The planned use for it now is a medical and resident care facility but much more modern and improved compared to the facility built in 1990.

During the planning board meeting held November 16, 2009 Davies discussed the two phases Golden Pond is planning to expand the facility in. The first phase would consist of modernizing the whole place, offering offices to employees and adding a 25,100 sq foot building. Also they would include a new dinning room along with a connecting bridge to the planned new building. They would use the new building as a day care and resident housing.

In the second phase, they are planning to build a completely new 30,000 sq ft building which would include forty-four units for bigger apartments for the residents. At the Planning Board meeting, Davies explained the plans for the planned future building, “The top floor of the new building would contain residential beds which would be much larger compared to the current ones. The middle floor would contain a rehabilitation and acute care. The bottom floor would be used for a childcare,” explained Wayne Davies.

With these new plans also come some problems. One problem is Golden Pond’s close location to surrounding wetlands. This could present problems in storm water management and could cause flooding. Some people believe these wetlands could be considered a resource area. The second problem brought into consideration is the concern that with a larger facility comes increased traffic on West Main Street. Many residents do not believe the new facility is a good idea because it will draw too many people and cause issues with traffic. West Main already has a lot of traffic during the school year and residents do not like the idea of any more. Some residents believe the change of Golden Pond will be for the good, providing the town Hopkinton with better business. Davies believes that, “In order to stay competitive, Hopkinton needs to provide appropriate medical care for residents.”

If Golden Pond receives approval from the Zoning Board of Appeals, the Conservation Commission, and the Planning Board, the town of Hopkinton should expect some very large changes to occur with the Golden Pond medical care facility in the near future.

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