The C Wing bathrooms: Luxurious Lavatory or Runt of the Litter?


Frank D'Urso

A proper sink found in the A wing bathrooms.

The C wing bathrooms are considered by some to be a preferred option, while others are discouraged from using it due to its lackluster sanitary fixtures.

“They’re fine, they’re a good option,” said vice-principal Justin Pominville.

“There’s just generally fewer people in there; so I think students over the course of their day, if they do have to use the facilities, it’s nice to be in a more private environment. There’s definitely less traffic,” said Pominville.

Many students, however, feel that this is not enough.

Burden using two hands operate the sink. One to actaute it, and one washing.
Burden attempting to use C wing bathroom sink (Photo by Frank D’Urso)

“I’d say it’s the worst bathroom, probably my least favorite,” said student Will Tedstone. “I just came here because I was walking by, usually, I try to stay away.”

His statements are not baseless, as one of his complaints is a common complaint among the student body in regards to the C wing bathrooms:

“The sinks suck, they don’t really work,” said Tedstone.

This sentiment is shared by another student interviewed while fiddling with the lackluster fixtures. “The sinks are garbage, you can’t properly wash your hands,” said student Cameron Burden. “I think this is the worst bathroom because of the sinks,” Burden said.

The problem is not unacknowledged by administrators, however.

“I think we’ve all experienced that where you have to spend longer washing your hands because the water’s not coming out, so I think it’s a tradeoff,” said Pominville. “The reason for [the sinks] is to control the flow of water being used, it’s a frequent occurrence where people will just leave the water running, and it’s just a huge waste. From a conservation standpoint, that’s why [we have them].”

Fortunately, a possible solution has been discussed by administrators, though it seems to have been halted by budgetary constraints.

“[It] did come up, and I don’t think we have the ability to do this but [we could implement motion-activated sinks]. Just to cut down on the amount of touching,” said Pominville. “That has come up, but we weren’t able to do it, given the pandemic, but also just general sanitation. It’s definitely something we’ll look into in the future” Pominville said.

Until then, students will likely continue to prefer A-wing bathrooms. “Second floor A wing is my favorite. It’s got that big stall” said Tedstone.

“The A-wing bathrooms are my favorite,” said Burden.