The Story Of A Much Different, Yet Eventful, Senior Halloween

Anne Zhu (left), and Alopa Waje (right) dressed up as characters from Harry Potter.

On a cold Friday morning, the seniors trotted out for an unconventional senior Halloween on the track. Fortunately for them, the environment, although different, still held the same upbeat atmosphere it usually does.

The Senior Halloween event is usually held in the hallways of the school on Halloween, where seniors would congregate across the main floors. However, with the coronavirus restrictions, especially since cases are now spiking in Massachusetts, this event is obviously against state guidelines.

The event was initially scheduled for October 30th, yet the rainy forecast cancelled those plans as well, setting up a senior Halloween after the actual holiday.

Despite these setbacks, the Student Council and the Administration made an event on the track on November 2nd. Although it was set to occur, there was reasonable doubt about if the environment would stay the same.

In an email to the school, Mr Bishop claimed that, “there [would] be no festivities before school in the building,” and that students, “may not congregate with their group”

The weather for that day also gave some groups trouble, as temperatures dipped down into the 30’s. Many groups either huddled together or left due to the cold weather.

“It was so cold that my group and I left after one loop around the track,” senior Fariha Fardin said.

However, with the great work of the administration and the student council, this pessimism was quickly countered by a successful and fun day for the seniors, although they still agreed that it was a different atmosphere.

“Although Senior Halloween was way different from what I was expecting, I was just glad we had the opportunity to come together as a class for one day,” Senior Anne Zhu said, “Being able to see other people dressed up was super exciting!”

This feeling of a different atmosphere set off some seniors however, as many couldn’t overcome the different atmosphere of the Senior Halloween.

Dan Greenleaf (left), Aidan Morin (middle), and Aditya Dutta (right), had army costumes for senior halloween.

“I’m happy that we still were able to do something but the sense that something was missing was overwhelming,” senior Aidan Morin said, “I personally feel like we did not get the full experience that we would have previously have gotten in years past”

This event should be a forecast for the future events for the school, which is definitely different. However, it has been made clear that our school’s administration and senior student council is doing everything in its power to carry out traditional senior events despite the pandemic.