Pep Rally: The Seniors Take Over


Heather Sivo is hyping up the crowd with her percussion skills. “I usually go into Pep Rally without expectations, besides being really noisy.” Morin said. Heather is definitely living up to that expectation.

Nora Drechsler, Staff Editor

On Friday, October 25th, the whole school gathered in the Athletic Center at 12:40 pm for the annual Pep Rally.

Pep Rally is a time where all grades, Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors, get together to show their school spirit.

To start off the Pep Rally, the Seniors came in running to get into their positions on the gymnasium floor for their Senior Dance.

The Seniors were pumped to start their dance, but there was one problem. The music was not loud enough for them to hear.

“In the future, if I were to suggest to change one thing it would be to do something different either with the speaker system or do something other than a Senior dance, since the main reason it didn’t go so well this year was that no one could hear the music,” MaryLauren Burke said.

Burke and other students also had the same response. Dancing to a routine without the music is pretty difficult.

The dance may not have gone well, but the Seniors still shined with enthusiasm. Underclassman Dylan Morin had a feeling that maybe his Senior experience will be like this too.

“My favorite part of the Pep Rally was the enthusiasm and confidence from the Seniors and other classes,” Morin said. “It gives me hope for our class next year when we are seniors. I am hoping that we can have that kind of confidence in our grade.”

Drums were blaring, students were cheering. The noise could be heard throughout the school. As students started to get wound up, the real events began.

One of the main events that took place was Tug-of-War. Freshmen against the Juniors and the Sophomores against the Seniors. When the Juniors stepped up to the plate, the Freshmen were eagerly awaiting their moment to strike.

From the stands, the students were shocked when the round was over. The Freshmen dominated the Juniors. Everyone in the stands, except for the Juniors, were laughing.

As a Senior, Burke, in particular, was very happy with the results. “My favorite part was watching the Juniors lose to the freshmen, something I will never get over.”

But as a Junior, Morin was not too pleased with how things went. “I wasn’t able to beat the current freshmen in Tug-of-War this year. I was genuinely embarrassed when they beat us.”

Overall, Pep Rally was a huge success. Everyone left the gymnasium tired and sore from all of the yelling and screaming.

“My Pep Rally experience was positive overall which was mainly because we were the Seniors. I enjoyed the build-up and running around to the back of the school because we were at the wrong door,” Burke said.

Even though Pep Rally was over, there was still some excitement left in the students who will be attending the event next year.

“I am planning to come back to Pep Rally as a senior next year,” Morin said. “It seems like the seniors always have fun when they go around the school yelling and cheering. I like the Pep Rally because it brings the school together in an odd way.”

Bonds between the grades have grown, tensions have been eased, and the Seniors will have these memories with them as they move on. Not only the Seniors but the whole school.