Alex Matsoukas and Kayla McCann: The Iconic Power Couple


This coming December marks the three year anniversary of senior superlative winners for “High School Sweethearts,” Alex Matsoukas and Kayla McCann. The couple met through a swim team at the Westboro Tennis and Swim Club.

Receiving a title like theirs might be a cause for concern given how long a typical high school relationship can last.

“I have never felt obligated to keep our relationship going,” McCann says. “I feel like being recognized as high school sweethearts makes our relationship stronger.”

Matsoukas and McCann have been through a lot together, which they believe have allowed them to grow closer and stronger.

“At the beginning of the relationship, it was all smiles and nervous laughter. Now, there is no sense of nervousness between us,” McCann said.

While high school is coming to an end for the two, their relationship is not.

“We are planning on staying together through college and after college. We don’t feel obligated to go to the same school,” Matsoukas said.

However, they are considering the distance between their respective school choices.

“We would like to be able to visit each other in college, whether that be at the same school or I travel to his school or he travels to mine,” McCann said.

Managing time can be tough for the two as senior year gets busy.

“During the school year, school comes first,” McCann said. “We always make time at least once a week to see each other and go out to the mall or go bowling or watch a movie.”

Winter season is swim season, which means the two spend more time together while doing something they both love.

Matsoukas and McCann spend most of their time together watching movies, going out to eat, talking about their day, or even just going on walks together.

However, managing a relationship requires good communication and effort.

“We have always managed to come back after an argument and move on from it. We just forgive each other naturally after some time,” McCann said.

Likewise, Matsoukas said, “We always get through disagreements after a conversation about it and reach some sort of compromise.”

“We have been through so much together, we have had so many good times, and we have so many inside jokes that I can’t imagine splitting apart,” McCann said.