The Hype for Senior Halloween

Seniors here at the high school have traditionally dressed up to go to school in various costumes to celebrate Halloween. In the past, this day has been widely celebrated, as many underclassmen look forward to when they will be able to dress up for school.

Members of the class of 2017 dressed like Donald Trump, construction workers, and a wall on Senior Halloween of 2016 showing off their creativity.

All seniors who participate gather in the athletic center, where the school’s staff votes a winner for a variety of costume categories.

Senior Stephen Simoes said he and his friends, “Are looking forward to the friendly competition, where hopefully we can pull out a win in at least one category.”

Past senior classes have had very creative ideas. The class of 2018 displayed a group of “Social Butterflies.” These students wore butterfly wings with numerous popular social media logos plastered on their abdomens.

Zachary Horgan
Featured is Corinne Messier, who has refused to reveal any information regarding her Halloween costume.

A class of 2017 group featured Donald Trump and construction workers who held puzzle pieces of a wall. William Pickens, a senior that year, said they were “A fan favorite among the students of the class.”

The process and time spent by students to decide upon and create their costumes varies. Many students, such as Corinne Messier and her friends, began brainstorming more than a month prior, and have their costume idea already locked in.

Messier and company, who are keeping things a secret, said, “[Our costumes] will be very well done and are sure to catch some laughs from some of [their] other friends.”

Zachary Horgan
Celebrating another senior tradition, Senior Jake Simmer is showing off his school spirit. This is just a preview of what is to come at the end of the month.

Traditionally, seniors have chosen to have costumes primarily homemade opposed to storebought costume sets.

“The costumes I find most interesting are the ones that take a lot of creativity, which often entails a lot of homemade design,” senior Jake Simmer said.

Jake and his friends decided to dress up as various characters from the classic video game “Mario Kart” on October 31st this year. Simmer said he is “Looking forward to dressing as Wario!”

Simmer said he is “looking forward to seeing what all of [his] classmates will be wearing come the scary Wednesday of Halloween 2018.”