Feeling Stressed?


By: Olivia Eori

The month of November is a notoriously stressful month for all high school students, seniors especially.

November 2nd will bring about the second grading period of the year (October being the first ). Whenever new grades become available, tension increases– students either see that their hard-work is paying off or realize that they need to work harder. Although tests, projects, and grades in general will always bring stress to the student body, this time of the year tends to bring extra stress to some students.

With all of the student activities and holidays (dances and Halloween, for example) occurring, it is difficult for some students to stay on task. For seniors, autumn can become an especially stressful season and a season where every minute counts. Any senior applying to college Early Action or Early Decision is well aware of the looming deadlines (traditionally November 1st or 15th) and the various components that need to be submitted. Adding to the list of stressors, some scholarships and financial aid forms also have November or early December deadlines.

Stress can certainly add up until it is at an unbearable level for many high school students. It is important to unwind and to get enough sleep during the night because taking time to do relaxing activities will help students to be better focused and more productive. Just taking five minutes in the morning or at the end of the day could help students to feel less stressed. Although there is a long list of things that might ultimately cause stress to high school students, relaxation may help releave some of these stresses .