Meet Mr. Kozay

With the changes that the new school year has brought, one of the newest additions to the high school staff this year is Mr. Kozay. Having just moved to the area from New Jersey, Mr. Kozay brings 12 years of experience teaching social sciences, such as world history, US history, Advanced Placement European History, and even public speaking and debate.

He has taught many different courses and levels, but out of all the courses and different levels he has taught previously, his favorite was Honors World History.

“I think there are a lot of important concepts in there, explaining why the world has kind of developed the way it has today,” said Mr. Kozay.

With a background teaching mainly history, he believes it is a fundamental part of our education because it “teaches you how to think.” He also sees it as a way to explain current political and societal trends, as well as helping students learn from the mistakes of previous generations.

Mr. Kozay

“He had so many qualities that we actually didn’t think we’d be able to find,” said Mr. Sullivan, subject matter leader and part of the hiring process for Ms. Griffey’s long-term substitute.

Since Ms. Griffey’s departure and the birth of her child, Kozay has been teaching her AP Psychology and sociology classes. Although it is his first time teaching this particular field of social sciences, students really enjoy his classes.

In the classroom, students find it helpful that he is not simply feeding facts and definitions.

“I feel like I understand the material more,” said AP psychology student Vik Dasari, “because he makes the subjects and topics more relatable.”

Students find him to be funny, but also a straightforward teacher who is clear on his expectations and deadlines for assignments. Mr. Sullivan praised him for being “very bright and diligent.”

Mr. Kozay enjoys the unique school atmosphere here. Like most teachers here at HHS, he hopes more than anything to change the way his students think after they leave his class.

“The next time something happens to you, or you experience a culture norm, or you experience a sanction for something in society, [I hope that] you just kind of sit there and think to yourself for a minute like: ‘Oh, this happened because of x, y, and z,’” says Mr. Kozay.

One of the more interesting observations he made contrasting students here and his previous school was the fact that here, everyone thanked the teacher before they left. He also found the community to be very welcoming and respectful.

As in New Jersey, Mr. Kozay hopes to continue teaching and working with students in the area. Outside of school, he wishes to become involved in his own children’s lives as they grow.

Mr. Kozay is expected to stay until December when Ms. Griffey returns from maternity leave.