Question of the Week: How did you feel about the new dance rules during Homecoming?


By: Miranda Williams
On Saturday October 17, students had their first glimpse of what future HHS dances will be like at the Homecoming Dance. Students had many different opinions going into the dance because of changes following the Back to School Dance in September. Some of the changes were brought on to curb drinking before the dances as well as to change the way in which people are dancing. The changes included no “center to quarterback” dancing, and students were not permitted to leave until the end of the dance. There were new policies on the staff’s part, as well. All students were to be approached and asked questions to make sure they were not under the influence, and the teachers supervising the dance were meant to walk throughout the dance floor monitoring what was going on. Now that Homecoming has passed, students are talking about the changes and how they have affected their overall opinion of the dances.

Q: How did you feel about the new dance rules during Homecoming?

Ian Brohm (senior): In general, I thought the dance was a success but I noticed that the staff did not engage in conversations with all students, which I thought they were going to do. Also they seem to have played a lot more mellow songs, songs that seemed a lot more ‘low key’ that the ones played at previous dances which was somewhat bothersome. Other than the few parts that I didn’t like, I don’t think the new rules are all that different from the old ones.

Morgan Tilton (senior): I thought the dance was interesting to say the least. I did not really like the fact that staff was walking all around the dance floor. It was kind of awkward, to be honest. I don’t think the rules are all that bad, but the changes in music and behavior definitely made the dance very different from what it used to be.

Samantha Bond (senior): I had a lot of fun at the dance regardless of the new rules. I understand why the changes were made but they didn’t seem to affect me. The only part I would have something to say about would be the fact that staff members were walking through the crowd. I think it made everyone feel a little weird and I was always afraid I was going to bump into a teacher by accident.

Now that the dance has past and students have had a chance to reflect on what has changed, there are more and more opinions surfacing about the evening. Whether people liked the “new dances” or not, it can be agreed that the dances have definitely changed.