The Mystery Machine


Article and photo by Paige McDermott  The mystery computer monitor in the front hallway will be used to monitor the energy produced by the new solar panels.
Article and photo by Paige McDermott

In the past few days, a new machine has been installed in the hallway right outside the Nurse’s office. This machine is called a Kiosk, and its job is to monitor the work of the solar panels that help power our school. Its job description does not end at the daily power usage, however. This machine works to document the amount of energy that the solar panels have produced daily, weekly and even monthly. With the help of this Kiosk, students and teachers are given the opportunity to see first hand how the solar panels are influencing their lives here at HHS. Adam Sullivan, project manager of the company Borrego Solar that provided the school with the Kiosk, says that both the solar panels and the Kiosk are,  “All about being green!”
This new machine is around mostly to monitor solar activity, but it shows the weather outside each day, as well. Since the wiring of the solar panels caught on fire, the school needed a way to view their activity. It was because of this fire and the school’s need for a monitoring system that this new machine has found its way into our school.